Frequently Asked Questions

Why LuxeHomeTours?
We work closely around your schedule delivering quick, affordable, gorgeous photography that attracts and impresses clients.

What do I receive?
The day after the shoot, you receive a link to download the full set of high-resolution photos. A CD is available without charge by request.

How long does it take to photograph a home?
Most homes can be photographed in about an hour. Smaller properties may finish sooner, while others require 2 or 3 hours or more, depending on the scope of the project.

How do I book a shoot?
Just email, text or call. Specify property size, daylight orientation and other features. We choose a date and time, and arrange for access. We meet on site and capture the shots that bring your vision to life.

How many photos do you recommend?
15 to 30 photos will tell the story of most properties. Choose fewer in some cases, or more for additional spaces, angles and details.

What size are the photos?
Standard dimensions are 6" x 9" @ 300dpi JPEG. Analogous HD format (16:9 ratio) @300dpi JPEG is available by request. Please specify MLS (below 3 Mb), alternate formats (A3 12" x 16") or custom sizes prior to shoot.

What's the payment method?
Cash and checks are accepted at the time of the shoot. You'll receive an invoice by email on a per-property basis, payable upon receipt. You may also opt for monthly invoicing. A late fee of $30 per month applies to balances 60 days past invoice date.

What kind of equipment do you use?
Just digital cameras, portable tripods and natural light. No lighting kits, wires, luggage or assistants.

Do you shoot the building, neighborhood or surrounding areas?
You may include building amenities and nearby restaurants, cafes and parks. Just name the locations and be sure to order a few extra photos. 'Amenity stock' and 'neighborhood stock' albums are recommended and popular with agents as a useful supplement to individual listings in the areas you represent.

Should I use a stager?
LuxeHomeTours can refer some of the most innovative stagers in the Bay Area. Interiors look their best with a minimum of personal clutter and a maximum of comfort and charm. Clean and prepare as you would for houseguests and put away bath products, papers, gadgets, dog beds and toys. Fresh flowers, throws and pillows, cookie jars, a bowl of apples, fresh towels and soaps will heighten the ambiance and finish the look.

Do you retouch to remove power lines and clutter from the photos?
We do our best to capture the cleanest possible shots during the photo shoot. In normal processing the usual specks, scratches and simple defects (wrinkled cushions etc) are retouched. To remove extraneous objects such as power lines, branches, cars and people, additional retouching is $50 per hour.

Help! I need the photos immediately!
Standard turnaround is 24 hours. In some cases the photos may be delivered earlier in the following morning, just ask. Rush delivery -shooting and delivering photos in the same calendar day- is $50. We recommend scheduling your shoot sessions well in advance of need and choose the earlier days of the week when possible.

Can you resend a set of photos that we took years ago?
All of our work is archived and you may request delivery of a past project via email or CD at any time free of charge.

Do you build websites?
Not at this time, however we can recommend excellent local resources for professional websites.

Who owns the photos?
LuxeHomeTours retains the copyright to all of our work. However, having commissioned the photos, you possess the right to use, alter and distribute them at your discretion solely to promote a particular real estate transaction or to permanently archive an architectural project. The use of LuxeHomeTours photographic assets for any other purpose is prohibited without the prior written consent of LuxeHomeTours. LuxeHomeTours kindly requests editorial attribution where photos appear in circulation with a direct link to

May I give the photos to my client?
If a third party recipient of any LuxeHomeTours photography intends to circulate, publish or utilize it for any commercial purpose, he or she may contact us directly to purchase full-resolution copies of the shoot or selected photos. For sellers exclusively a complimentary MLS-sized album may be permitted by request.

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