LuxeHomeTours was established 2007 in San Francisco to supply real estate professionals with timely, inexpensive, spectacular photography. Founder Sean Poreda is a working artist, outdoorsman and Bay Area resident since 1995. He holds Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from Rhode Island School of Design and began honing his photography skills while studying architecture and sculpture during a year abroad in Rome, Italy. With intensive training and professional experience in architecture, photography, fine art bronze foundry, product development and media production, Sean brings to LuxeHomeTours over two decades of applied production skills that emphasize technical facility, creativity and fine quality.

San Francisco is an exceptionally beautiful location and home to a lively creative population as evident throughout the city's public and private spaces. Homes and gardens across the Bay Area are regularly featured in the international interiors and architectural press. Before the arrival of digital, film photography was your only option for capturing the home—a technically involved process requiring assistants and equipment working long hours to deliver relatively few images at shocking prices. Consequently, until very recently only the top end of the real estate market has enjoyed access to professional quality photography.

With the real estate industry's migration to the web, photography is now critical to every market. The pace of competition raises unique challenges for real estate photography in San Francisco. It must move quickly with events and be economical to form the long-term basis for a successful marketing strategy, while the photography must be compelling and communicative art on par with the quality of the homes represented. LuxeHomeTours fulfills these needs and raises your profile above the competition. The quality of your presentation draws the most discerning clients whose satisfaction is the basis for your continued success.

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